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An artist freed from the constraints of the scene.

An independent artist . Polymorphic. Various. Unformatted in too small a format. Freed from the diktat of "producers".

A peaceful artist . To find the essential. Inner Peace. Natural. Far from the deafening and inaudible tumult of a world overcrowded with dissonances.

My project is a bit of all that.

For that, I have a master tool: music. A star: the flute

Every day I work in this way. I am not aiming for the miracle. I am simply trying, in every moment, to slowly take the time to find it. Because I don't have time to go too fast anymore.

I seek to progress towards a peaceful world and to share it.

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Guitar, dulcimer, banjo, jaw harp, chants ... There has always been music in our siblings from my youngest age. I don't even remember when I started playing the harmonica. My older sister gave me my first recorder when I was 6 years old. In beautiful maple wood. Have taken the flute lessons with the family. Then studies in music school and the University of Lyon thanks to Antoine Duhamel, Serge Saïtta, Sophie Dufeutrelle. And the Paris Conservatory in the prestigious French flute school with a great Lady of the flute, Maryse Ancelin. I then passed a CAPES in Music Education in Tours and then a Music Aggregation in Nice. To teach and live today between Strasbourg and the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.



I really started ...

... studying the transverse flute at 16. Since then, I have progressed and my passion has never left me. It is rarely too late!


I was 21 ...

... when I set foot for the first time in Paris, coming from Lyon, my native province. To take lessons with Ms. Ancelin. As soon as I entered the hall of the Conservatory, I heard wonderful sounds. So wonderful that I wondered what instrument it could be. Not the flute! Impossible...

J'avais 21 ans...

I was 17...

... when I entered the National School of Music and Dance in Villeurbanne (Lyon).
I was lucky enough to benefit from the teaching of two flute masters.


The city...

... in which I grew up was, to say the least, infamous. Even the police only entered in cases of force majeure ...




By wanting to save time, we lose happiness.


For those who do not have the light of love, the day will always be the night.


Sounds and music are only the light that illuminates the essential, the object of the sage's desire : silence, the supreme goal of all music.


In every moment, eternity awaits you.

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